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Preventative maintenance is the key to a healthy, safe vehicle. Every car owner should ensure that they’re getting preventative maintenance on a regular basis to be certain that their vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.


Not only does preventative maintenance keep your vehicle running great, but it’s also important to help you avoid potentially dangerous and expensive repairs. 

Preventative maintenance is more than just oil changes. It also includes regular inspections of the brakes, batteries, and tires, too. Our skilled technicians can perform wheel alignments to help you save your tire tread and give you better control over your vehicle. We can also check all your belts and hoses for any wear or damage and replace them as needed. Brake inspections are an essential part of good vehicle maintenance, so be sure to request your brake inspection whenever you come to get your oil changed. We can easily identify problems before they get out of control to keep you safe on the road.

At Ideal Auto our technicians aren't sales people, they genuinely care about the safety and longevity of your vehicle. We want to see you in your car at 300,000 miles, and the best way to get there is through regular service and preventative maintenance. Let us give your car a check up and make sure it's healthy for the road.

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